Providenta Divina

Providenta Divina


Life in Romania can be really hard, particularly if you are elderly.  In Petrosani, an ex- mining town in the Jui valley, there are many elderly people with tiny or no pensions, no family to take care of them, and incredibly harsh living conditions.  Through our partner organisation, Providenta Divina which is run by Julian Baluta, we aim to ease the burdens of these vulnerable, elderly people by providing necessities including food, medicines, and fuel (wood or help with heating bills) during the winter.  Almost as important, the visits from Julian and his volunteers can be a lifeline for those who are socially excluded and lonely, and sometimes unable to leave their flats or houses. 

In 2019, we increased our funding to Providenta Divina to include 5 very poor families, living in incredibly difficult circumstances.  By helping them with regular food parcels, the parents can use what little income they have to pay bills, buy clothes and school supplies for their children. We hope in the future we can increase the number of families we help in this way.


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