Vis de Copil – The Secret Garden

Vis de Copil – The Secret Garden

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A day centre in the city of Arad, which offers a place for the homeless, street kids, and poor marginalised (mainly Roma) people living in severe poverty in shanty towns on the edge of Arad.  Run by Ken and Katy Cloke, together with staff members Philip and Irina, Katy says “It is a place where everyone is unconditionally loved and accepted. We want people to feel at home and safe here and to find a little respite from the harsh realities of their everyday lives”

Humanity at Heart has been involved with this project for many years, from when it first started as a drop in centre for street kids, to its current place as a sanctuary for the poorest, most vulnerable people in Arad.  It provides important services, such as washing facilities, basic first aid, advocacy and counselling, a safe play area for the children, help with basic literacy for both children and adults, use of a washing machine for mothers who sometimes have no access to clean water.  All of these things are vital in improving their lives, but most importantly, in a society in which these people are not valued, indeed are discriminated against, it is a loving and inclusive space.


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