Elderly Community Care
House renovation project.

During the last three weeks of September one of the volunteers who is part of the Elderly Community Care project, organised a team of young people to decorate Mrs Ana Buruiana’s home.

This activity was done as part of the project “ Elderly Community Care” which is funded by Humanity at Heart and run from The Hope for the Colony Community Centre in Petrosani, Romania. The project aims to enable local people to become involved in activities to help the elderly poor in their area.

The project started in November 2010 and four volunteers take care of 20 elderly people (5 each). They visit them regularly, spend time socialising and discuss how else they can help. With support from the centre the elderly can then take part in programmes which includes free glasses, cultural & social events and receive material help such as clothing, food parcels (when funds allow) and a shoe box at Christmas.

The young people with the key volunteer raised the funds to buy the paint and other items. They thoroughly scrubbed and prepared the walls and then painted them.

Mrs Buruiana now has a lovely clean home thanks to all their hard work! What a great team effort.