This Christmas please spare a thought for Georgeta, and many other vulnerable elderly people preparing to survive another Winter in Romania.


Georgeta, 75, receives essential support from
 Providenta Divina
Georgeta is 75. She lives on her own in a small house with one room and a kitchen, no bathroom, and an outside toilet. She is lonely and isolated as her neighbours and family are too busy or cannot help her.
She receives a tiny state pension which is barely enough to buy food or the medication she needs for her asthma and hypertension. During the winter, she cannot afford to buy enough wood to keep her tiny house warm.

Working with Providenta Divina, we help a group of elderly ladies, including Georgeta. We already provide food parcels, help with shopping and home visits.
But we want to do more. 
Please donate whatever you can. As little as £5 will help to buy essential fuel over the Winter.
You can make a donation via this blog, or send your cheque to Humanity at Heart, 28 Keymer Road, Hassocks, West Sussex, BN6 8AN.
Many thanks.