House of Roses

After the revolution in 1990, the scale of the horrors of many children with special needs being placed in orphanages became a scandal for Romania.  Whilst things have no doubt improved over the years, there are still many difficulties for children and adults with special needs. 

House of Roses is a home for young people with learning difficulties. These young adults spent much of their early lives in an orphanage, as well as some of their early adult lives in a “Camin” or institution.  With their varied and complex special needs, this was wholly inappropriate. Our partners at RAKE (a UK registered charity) set about finding a suitable home and renovating it. It is now a home to 5 young adults with learning difficulties, enabling them to live full and happy lives, in a loving and enabling environment.  They have learned many skills since coming to live in the house, and more remarkably have become a part of, and accepted by, the local community.

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