Open Hands

Open Hands is a community project, helping disadvantaged and vulnerable Roma children and their families, in the North West of Romania.  Humanity at Heart provides funding for two projects run by Open Hands: Lighthouse is an after-school club for poor (mainly Romi) children in a village near the Ukrainian border.  Rainbow House, in the Transylvanian town of Gheorgheni, is a centre which supports Romi families, particularly through their children.

Behind these centres providing warmth, love, education and activities are a dedicated team who know each child.  They visit their homes (some families live in absolute poverty) and respond to their needs thoughtfully.  In return they are respected and trusted by the communities they support.   For Olga, the manager of Rainbow House, keeping children in education is to give them the chance of a better future.

“In Romania itself Humanity at Heart is supporting Rainbow House, as well as our latest pilot project: Lighthouse. At Lighthouse we welcome children from very disadvantaged backgrounds and support them in their education so that they can succeed at school and have a future.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Humanity at Heart who have not only been standing with us to fight poverty among children in Romania but also been a constant source of support, encouragement and hope for many years.”

Rebekka Brendel, President of Open Hands


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