Achievements in Romania

We have had a lovely email from Romania telling us about the successes achieved by some of the students who come to the Homework Club. The local junior school, No 2 issues certificates to the pupils who have done well over the year. Several of our children have received these certificates showing what they can achieve with a little extra help and encouragement .
Pictured right is Alex proudly showing his certificate.
Another recent activity is the celebration of Children Day. All the children took part in the fun and games put on by the staff and volunteers, at the end of the day they were able to take home armfuls of gifts donated by the Liberal Students Club. Pictured left, Bobo with his toys.
Pictured right is everyone with their gifts.

Adina, the Centre Manager along with the staff from the Joshua Centre, is working hard with us in the UK to put together new projects that will help and support families and the elderly in the community. It is great to see the achievements of the children and we fully intend to become more involved with other members of the colony.

The coffee mornings have started again, and we are using this forum to meet and get to know local people in a friendly and informal setting.