Casa Trandafirilor – House of Roses

Here’s a quick update from Linda Barnes of RAKE on the House of Roses in Birlad.

“There isn’t a lot to report from Birlad but things are going well. The “kids” have just got back from 2 weeks in camp. Myosotis runs a camp each year for children from their day centre and also poor families. So our young people have joined them partly as helpers, partly to just have fun. Thankfully last we heard the boys were behaving well and being kept busy collecting water, emptying the toilets etc!

The extension is well under way. The boys were issued with caps and gloves the same as the builders and were given some jobs to do which was good. We were a bit surprised by one photo we received to see that the house appears to have been built of some kind of mud and straw, rather than bricks. But never mind, it seems pretty solid! I am going out in September and hope there will be some wonderful home grown tomatoes – they always taste so good in Romania! Mike has bought the tool box etc with the funds from HAH and we will take it over to Myosotis next week as we are having a meeting together. They take a minibus out to Birlad early next month.”