This year we raised £400 ( income from the donation boxes and the late night shopping) to help the elderly people who come to our Centre, Speranta Colonie, in Petrosani.
I am glad to say that Adina (the Centre manager) has sent me a lovely report, detailing how they spent the money and how they helped the old people at Christmas:

“With the occasion of Winter holidays, from the amount of money received for the „Care for Elderly” project from Humanity at Heart we have bought basic food and fire woods to the beneficiaries for heating their houses.
To every beneficiary of this project we have given 16 sachets of firewood, a package of basic food (sunflower oil, flour, sugar, rice, corn flour, canned peas, sponge cake, macaroni, canned beef and pork, liver pate, mixed vegetable, bananas) and one box of gifts – the „shoebox”.
Those beneficiaries which were able to move came to the Centre and they took the gifts from here, and those who weren’t able to move, the gifts were taken by the project’s volunteers at their houses.
All beneficiaries of this project, both the home bound and the movable ones enjoyed all the gifts, but the joy was bigger than in the last years because this year they received firewood for heating their homes.
Once with the basic food packages and the sachets of firewood, the beneficiaries also received sachets with clothes obtained after the collaboration with the Association „Virgin Mary” („Maica Precista”).
The volunteers were very satisfied seeing how the beneficiaries reacted, they were very happy, pleased. For some of them the received firewood were their only source of heat in this period.
The elders were invited at the Centre at the event of saying Welcome to Santa Claus, occasion when the children from the Centre Caroled and recited poems. This event was for some of them an occasion of joy and an unique experience what made them cry of happiness.

Thank you very much Humanity at Heart!”