Covid-19 Update

We just wanted to let all our customers and supporters know where we are with our plans for re-opening the shop.

The Trustees are very clear that we will only re-open when we can be sure there is no (or minimal) risk to staff, volunteers and customers. But, we are working hard behind the scenes to try and get ready to re-open as soon as possible.
We need to take into account such things as quarantining donations, being able to safely process them and then get stock into the shop when there are no customers. We are aware that when we do re-open, our loyal and regular customers will find their shopping experience vastly changed, and we really hope you will stick with us as we try to navigate our way during these difficult times.
All of this to say that it is unlikely the shop will be open before the end of June, and then we think we will try to re-open in a phased way, possibly with reduced opening hours to start, and specific days and times when we can accept donations.
We know that having been stuck at home, many will be desperate to bring their donations in, but please be patient with us, as this is the most problematic issue for us to resolve.
As soon as we have more concrete details, such as an opening date and times of opening, we will let you know. So, watch this space.
Many thanks for your continued support, and we want to reassure all our supporters that we are currently still funding all our projects in Romania, and we hope you have enjoyed seeing the posts about all the wonderful work our colleagues have been doing to help those most vulnerable and at risk people during this crisis