How can we help people most at need in Romania

How can we help people most at need in Romania

At this difficult time, we are trying to adjust and keep going as best we can.  It is heartening to see all the community initiatives starting up all around the world.  However, in Romania, many of the people we support have no access to running water, and certainly no antibacterial products to clean their homes or with which to wash their hands.  Many of them live in makeshift houses on the edges of towns, or are homeless and live on the streets.  They don’t have a steady income and struggle to get by each day.  The centres run by Vis de Copil and Open Hands are a lifeline for these people.  And now they are closed! Many children who come to the Secret Garden or the Rainbow House are incredibly hungry – for them it might be the only regular meal they get.  And now they don’t even have that to rely on!

So, what is happening for these poor, vulnerable communities?  Romania is in lockdown, just like the UK and most of Europe! The staff and volunteers at Vis de Copil and Open Hands have given out the last of their food, and contine to do everythnig in their power to help these people.  We know from our colleagues working on the ground, that staff will continue their outreach work for as long as they can, and for as long as it is safe for them or until they are prohibited from doing so.

In the meantime, please spare a thought for those who are at much greater risk than us, and whose suffering will be so much greater than ours.

If you can, please donate to the charity, so we can continue to support our projects. We know that if we can continue our support, they will be in a much better place to re-open the projects when we all come out the other side!

In the meantime, stay home and stay safe!