Practical help for the elderly in Petrosani

You may remember that last Autumn one of our volunteers, Stephanie, accompanied me on a visit to our projects in Romania. When she returned she made an Appeal for extra funds, and so far has raised almost £800. We have already spent £200 helping Vis de Copil buy play equipment for their Mother and Toddler group. But we also made £400 available for Speranta Colonie, to set up a fund to give practical help to elderly people in the Colony. Adina, the Centre Manager, together with her excellent volunteers, have used this money to support 5 elderly people. They have repaired a chimney, re-connected an electricity supply, fixed a broken water pipe, provided gas cylinders for cooking, repaired a gate, and provided firewood and vitamin pills for all. An excellent example of direct action having a really big impact on vulnerable and poor people’s lives.

Mrs Burlec had a water supply connected to her home

Mrs. Cioubutaru had her chimney fixed so she could use her stove for heating and cooking

Mr. Viorel had his home reconnected to the electricity supply

We helped Mrs. Natanga by buying her a calor gas cylinder for cooking.