RAKE House

I recieved an update from Linda at RAKE, together with some lovely pictures of the girls visiting their new home.  Here is a copy of Linda’s email:

The girls haven’t moved into their home yet but we are really pleased that last Wednesday they were given permission to visit the house. Our support worker, Cela, who HAH support , went with them. They spent the day at the house (and were very excited by everything) and met all the Myosotis team who will be involved in the project. A couple of them knew the girls from years back when they went on camping holidays. They had planned to spend some time sorting out the garden together as it is so overgrown but it was pouring with rain (not just us then!) so instead they all had lunch and just spent time together.

The Myosotis team were very impressed by how polite they were and how they immediately helped with laying the table and washing up. I feel very proud of them that they haven’t forgotten how to behave properly despite the awful environment they’ve been in for the last 2 years. They are spending another day at the house on Tuesday. We are still waiting to hear when they will move in permanently – but we are still awaiting the boss man to visit the house and officially authorise it. At least the girls have something to look forward to now……

Great news, and here’s hoping the paperwork can be done soon and the girls can move in permenantly.