“Recycle and Remake” promotion in our shop

On August 6th, we will be having a special promotion in the shop, to show what can be done with a little ingenuity to make something fantastic out of someone else’s rubbish.
We have a number of very talented volunteers who have all worked hard to produce a selection of lovely things for us to sell in our shop, including cake stands, bunting, door stops, customised clothes, jewellry, painted horsehoes, bags, cushions and quilts.

The promotion is designed to highlight our commitment to recycling, to actively encourage people to bring us their donations, and to add interest to the shop. Hopefully, people will see that we are glad to accept donations of anything – as even if clothes or textiles are unsaleable, we can use them in some other way.

We also get an income from selling “rag” and we are trying to publicise this, so that people never have to throw away any textiles,shoes or bags.So,please come into the shop on Friday 6th August and have a look at all the lovely things we have for sale. We hope that we can run the promotion for a couple of weeks.

A lovely little skirt made from Denim jeans and floral fabric.

A necklace, that has a matching bracelet made from buttons, threaded on elastic.