Spring Activities at Centru Speranta Colonie (Hope for the Colony Centre)

Adina and her wonderful team of staff and volunteers have been busy.  As you can see from the photos below, they are working with the children to prepare Mother’s Day gifts and celebrations, and also sorting a huge donation of books to form a new library at the Centre.  It is great to see the connections made between the children who attend the various clubs, the older teenagers and the elderly members of the community who come each week to the Centre.  This Care for the Elderly club is excellent, and the number of attendees continues to rise as people come to appreciate the benefits of this social enterprise. The Centre really does reach out to all members of the Community.  Well done Adina and her team.

the new library books
Youth Club meeting

Making cards for Mother’s Day

Preparing the song for Mother’s Day

Mrs. Dumbrava with volunteer Marius

A meeting of the Elderly Club
Enjoying coffee and a chat