Stella’s work experiance

Hi, I’m Stella, I am in Year 10 (My first year of GCSEs) and this week I have been doing my work placement at the Humanity At Heart charity shop.
It has been really lovely to come to the shop again as I have been here many times before, since my Aunt is the Manager – though this time as part of the staff instead of a customer. I was welcomed by fellow volunteers and very quickly assigned my jobs. The rest of the staff here are all lovely and easy to chat to, since it’s a very relaxed and welcoming environment.
During the week I have been working in the sorting room as well as out in the shop:

sorting donation bags, steaming, tagging and pricing the clothes, shoes and other knick knacks; before taking them out into the shop and hanging them on the rails. It’s been really fun to learn the running of the shop, and I have learnt a lot about a working environment and I really enjoyed it. I have learnt that, although you can chat to the other staff and have a nice time – for example on Wednesday we celebrated Jean’s birthday with cake and tea – it is always good to help out whenever you can and stay focused on the task at hand. For example, cleaning and hoovering at the end of the day; making tea and handing out biscuits; and just getting on with your job without complaining – there is always something you can do to help out if you’ve finished all of your own jobs. My experience with Humanity at Heart has been really good fun as well as eye opening into the world of work. Thank you to all the volunteers who have been so kind and helpful throughout the week, you have made my work placement very enjoyable as well as educational.