Summer at the House of Roses

Thanks Linda for your update on the summer’s activities.

The four young residents in House of Roses have benefitted enormously from a busy and active summer. They have made a productive vegetable patch in the garden and extended the chicken run. This has provided a regular supply of fruit, vegetables and fresh eggs.
They have been taught to do everything themselves, from digging the ground, planting seeds, labelling, watering and picking the produce. As well as making immediate use of the produce they have also learnt to dry the herbs, make jam and bottle up fruit and vegetables for use through the coming winter.
They also enjoyed 2 weeks in summer camp with young children from very poor families and children with disabilities. As well as having fun they helped with cooking, collecting water, emptying the toilets etc. For the last 5 days they were joined by 2 of their friends with whom they had grown up but are now sadly living in inappropriate conditions in state care. It is hoped they will be joining the House of Rose family sometime this winter.
The regular donation from Humanity at Heart is enabling these young people with learning disabilities to be rehabilitated from the effects of previous bad experiences in state care and learn to lead normal and busy lives in their community.