Update from the Rainbow House

Update from the Rainbow House

I was able to catch up with Rebekka Single, Chairman of the charity Open House, who runs the Rainbow House in Romania.  It is reassuring to know that they are continuing to help their families as much as possible.  Here is the situation, on the ground:

Harghita has no recorded Covid-19 cases so far. The local government in Gheorgheni has taken precautions and has sealed off the slum area where many of our RH children live. The families are still allowed to buy food, however just one person at a time is allowed into town every three days. There is a small local kiosk which is still open and families are allowed to buy food from there also. Olga, our RH manager, continues to meet the needs of all our RH children by shopping for them and their families. She is of course taking the necessary precautions, wears protective gloves and a mask and keeps a distance. To ensure our children and families continue to stay healthy we have doubled the Food Support budget for all OH families for April and May. We want to offer our children and families a lot of reassurance and support at this time of crisis.

Suceava has been put under quarantine and is on day 4 now. They have a high number of Covid-19 cases and deaths at the hospital there. Our main office is in Suceava, so we are currently making plans how best we can proceed with our Family Support work there. In the meantime we are in daily contact with families via telephone.

Thankfully all our sponsors are continuing to support our work and so we are able to keep all staff for the time being.

I hope and pray that this difficult time will pass soon and that things return to normal.