Vital help for our old ladies in Petrosani

Vital help for our old ladies in Petrosani

As winter sets in, we always consider the extra needs of our elderly people in Petrosani, for whom life is such a struggle. We have already sent £500 for winter fuel.  Thanks to those supporters who contributed to this fund. 

We know that the help from Providenta Divina really makes a difference to the lives of our old ladies.  But, hearing it directly from them is wonderful, and really helps to spur us on to work harder and continue this support.

Life for Aida is really hard, and she must feel much older than her 63 years.

My name is Marchis Aida, I’m 63 years old, I live on social welfare of 142 lei/month. I don’t have a house, I live on rent. To get some money I look in the garbage for food and objects to sell. It is not easy for me, in this area we don’t find jobs, the mines have closed.

When I need something the Association Providenta Divina helps me, and Mr.Iulian strives to help me, it is not easy for him either.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Ioana writes:

My name is Alba Ioana, I am 89 years. It is hard when you are old and alone, I have nobody to help me, to ask me if I ate or what hurts me.

We live in a country in which our leaders do not care for the elderly and poor.

Providenta Divina came to my support with the volunteers, they keep in touch with me and if I need something they strive to help me.

When the pandemic came most of the stores raised prices and Providenta Divina helped us with bare necessities. Mr. Iulian tries to help us how he can. It is an association for people. During the pandemic he was afraid that he wouldn’t receive money from England. I have no words to thank all the people from England and I pray to God for all who donate for Providenta Divina.

For us your help means a lot when no one ask about you, the association is our soul.

Thank you!

Here are Zamfira’s thoughts, on what the support from Providenta Divina means to her.

My name is Serban Zamfira, I have a small pension, I live alone in a house in a small village near Petrosani, I have diabetes and I make wicker baskets.

My help every month is Providenta Divina, I sit outside and I wait for somebody to come and visit me. My eyes fill with tears when I see Mr.Iulian and his volunteers at my gate, I’m happy that we can talk and I forget about my loneliness. I have a cat and a dog that are my friends and Providenta Divina that comes to me. For me their help is very important, especially that the market is far from me and I can’t go because my feet hurt.

Thank you to Providenta Divina and to the Association from England that supports us.