Work in Romania

In April I was in Romania for nearly three weeks. I spent much of the time in Petrosani visiting the projects we support, mainly the Community Centre situated in the Colony. The staff and volunteers are doing a really good job and it was great to see how much is happening. The homework facility for children, craft and hobby clubs, chess, English lessons and great play activities. There is much for older people as well and the eye testing and screening continues as well as the coffee mornings.

I met with the volunteers who are running the Elderly Care in the Community project. We undertook an assessment which they found very helpful and I also did some Red Cross Therapeutic Massage. It was well attended and every one said how much they enjoyed it, on the left you can see me in the beige jumper talking to Adina the centre manager.

I hope that this project continues to run well as the elderly are so poor they desperately need our help. Finding the funding to enable us to purchase food parcels is the priority. Elizabetha, pictured right is now housebound due to a fall and she would love to be able to get out in her garden in the Spring and Summer. Each volunteer has five elderly people they visit. If we have the items the elderly receive food or clothing and if not they enjoy the company of the volunteer who will chat and listen to them. If you would like to fund a food parcel of £10 a month please contact us.

Whilst I was in Petrosani Tim Bennet and his wife joined me to record local music. Tim lives in Brighton and really likes European music, so he funded his own trip as a working holiday. He is hoping to produce a CD that can be sold to provide funds for our work. It was a wonderful day and many people became interested when we moved out into the courtyard to practice the dancing. The young people in the band come to the centre to promote cultural activities and we hope to arrange a concert one day.

I visited Provedina Devina in Petrilla who also help and support the elderly. I met with the parents and staff of the Special school in Vulcan who are running a toy library for children with special needs. This project is in its infancy but we hope that parents will really appreciate the opportunity to use these special toys and become more involved.
I then moved down to Arad and visited Vis de Copil who run a day centre for homeless and poor families. They are finding the rising costs are impacting what they do and can no longer afford their part time staff. We help to fund the managers wages and she really is vital to running the centre. Katy took us to the Gypsy camp where people have been made homeless as the local authority has bulldozed their homes to make way for a new road. Pictured right, Tim is taping some wonderful musicians.

If you think to can help by a small monthly donation please let us know as our help is needed more than ever.