Working with RAKE to help youngsters with Special Needs

We are excited about supporting a UK registered charity, RAKE, who are working with youngsters with special needs. For some years HaH contributed towards the running costs of Casa Linda, opened in 1996 and home to 17 children with special needs.
Working together with the Romanian authorities, the project was a great success until 2010 when RAKE handed it over to the Romanian authorities. Sadly and unbelievably they closed the home and returned the youngsters back to the institution.
Despite the passing of time and Romania joining the EU, RAKE were horrified to find that the quality of life for residents in the institution remained unchanged. They are largely confined to their dormitories, have no personal belongings and no activities. Sedation is widely used and beatings are common.
RAKE is now in the process of trying to rescue some of the young people who lived in Casa Linda. They have bought a house and hope to move 4 of the youngsters (now adults) into their new home within a couple of weeks. The aim is to teach the youngsters to live as independently as possible within a supported and happy environment.

Humanity at Heart has provided funding to furnish the house, and make it ready for the youngsters to move in, as well as committing to pay part of the salary of a support worker. We will keep you posted on the progress of this excellent project.